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October 2023


October Program: Tour of Leaves for Wildlife Native Plant Nursery

Saturday, October 14th, 2023
to (Eastern Time)
Leaves for Wildlife Native Plant Nursery, 1655 County Rd 605, Sunbury, OH, 43074 Map

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Join us for a tour of Leaves for Wildlife Native Plant Nursery!

Leaves for Wildlife, founded by Patty Shipley in September 2020, is a unique nursery specializing in pesticide-free straight-native species of shrubs, trees, and herbaceous perennials. Patty's lifelong love for nature and gardening was the driving force behind the creation of this nursery, and her inspiration came from reading the book, "Bringing Nature Home" by Douglas Tallamy in the fall of 2019. Since its opening, the nursery has been dedicated to educating and inspiring visitors to make eco-conscious choices in their own gardens to help conserve Ohio's native ecosystems.

Nursery visitors can explore various demonstration gardens and projects spread across the nursery's 10-acre property that showcase the diverse range of native plants. These installations not only beautify the surroundings but also serve as educational tools to inspire and inform visitors about the benefits and versatility of native plants. Some of the notable features include: a rain garden, vine trellises, wattle fence, berms and swales to correct flooding, vernal pools and mini-ponds, pondside and aquatic plantings, two distinctly different meadows, and numerous ornamental garden beds. Throughout the tour, Patty will share the many propagation techniques currently in use at the nursery.