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The Benefits of Vernal Pools, Wetlands and Ponds

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Saturday, March 11th, 2017
to (Eastern Time)
Shale Hollow Preserve - Delaware County Preservation Parks, 6320 Artesian Run, Lewis Center, OH, 43035 Map

Program Description: The critical characteristics comprising vernal pools, other wetlands, and pond habitats will be discussed. The focus will be on the key factors that lead to the development of aquatic resources that contain natural habitat features and support a diverse natural flora and fauna. The importance of the land uses surrounding these aquatic resources and their dependence on intactness in adjacent habitats to reach higher levels of ecological condition will also be highlighted.

Presenter: Mick Micacchion

Mick Micacchion is a Wetland Ecologist with the Midwest Biodiversity Institute, a non-profit organization that evaluates and reports on aquatic resources including wetlands and also trains environmental professionals and others interested in aquatic resource assessment methods. He is certified by the Society of Wetland Scientists as a Professional Wetland Scientist and worked in the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency?s Wetland Ecology Group for many years where he developed methods for assessing the ecological condition of wetlands and the rules to protect them. He has sampled and evaluated the flora and fauna of over 300 of Ohio?s natural wetlands.

NOTE: Because our location is in Delaware County, some of you may be interested in carpooling. If so, please contact Barbara Altenburg at [email protected] or 614-638-0442.

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