“State of the Chapter” and Seed Exchange

Date(s) - 11/09/2019
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Shale Hollow Preserve - Delaware County Preservation Parks

When our originally scheduled speaker for November had to cancel, the board saw this as an opportunity! Accordingly, we will split our time focusing on three areas:

10:00-10:45am. Home Propagation of Native Plants

  • Don Reuter, Wild Ones member, will share how he propagates native trees. You may remember touring his amazing garden in the past two years.
  • Open discussion about such things as: reference guides, successes and failures you have had with propagation; recommendations.

10:45-11:30am. Member discussion about the State of the Columbus Wild Ones Chapter

Facilitated by past president, Luanne Hendricks. We are at a challenging stage in our         history related to limitations of people resources. We will discuss such things as:

  • Getting clarity on what members want the chapter to do and not do 
  • Whether we should continue with the same number of formal presentations and/or tours
  • Identifying new ideas to try
  • The amount of time and effort members have to offer to the workings of the chapter

11:30-12:00pm. Seed ExchangeJewelweed

  • If you are bringing seeds, be sure to label them with both the common and Latin names.
  • Bring small paper envelopes or small baggies to put seeds in.
  • Bring a permanent marker to mark bags.