Butterflies 101 – Winged Jewels

Date(s) - 10/10/2020
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Oakleaf Village of Columbus

Description: Historically, butterflies were revered as the souls or psyches of departed loved ones. Today we know they provide valuable services as pollinators and are beloved in our gardens. Ohio annually hosts some 135 species of butterflies. We will describe and discuss the more common ones, especially those we are likely to see in Lakeside or nearby. Come and enjoy this colorful program filled with butterflies and flowers. You may gain a whole new perspective on and appreciation for these incredible insects.

Presenter bio: Cheryl is interested in all forms of flora and fauna and is fascinated by the connections between botany and wildlife. Co-founder of Flora-Quest, her work includes long-time leadership in the Ohio Ornithological Society, Audubon and Ohio Natural Areas and Preserves. She currently serves on two land trust boards and promotes conservation as an environmental educator and advocate for nature.

Location: Oakleaf Village of Columbus | 5500 Karl Road, Columbus, OH 43229